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Why is a Vehicle Blacklisted?

A vehicle may be blacklisted for various reasons, typically related to illegal activities, fraudulent practices, or violations of laws and regulations. Some common reasons for a vehicle to be blacklisted include:

  1. Theft: If a vehicle is reported stolen, its details are entered into the blacklist database to aid in its recovery and prevent illegal transactions.

  2. Fraudulent Activities: Vehicles involved in fraudulent activities, such as forging registration documents or insurance fraud, may be blacklisted to prevent further misuse.

  3. Unpaid Dues: Vehicles with outstanding fines or dues, such as unpaid traffic challans or taxes, may be blacklisted until the dues are settled.

  4. Criminal Activities: Vehicles used in the commission of crimes, such as smuggling, trafficking, or transporting illegal goods, may be blacklisted to aid law enforcement efforts.

  5. Safety and Compliance Issues: Vehicles found to be non-compliant with safety standards or regulations may be blacklisted until the necessary repairs or modifications are made to bring them into compliance.

  6. Court Orders: In some cases, vehicles may be blacklisted based on court orders or legal proceedings related to criminal or civil matters.

Blacklisting a vehicle serves to protect public safety, prevent criminal activities, and ensure compliance with laws and regulations governing vehicle ownership and operation.

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How to Remove Vehicle from Blacklist in India

To remove a vehicle from the blacklist in India, you typically need to follow certain procedures depending on the reason for its blacklisting. Here's a general outline of steps that may be involved:

  • Resolve the Issue: Identify the reason why the vehicle was blacklisted. This could be due to theft, unpaid dues, fraudulent activities, or other reasons.

  • Provide Documentation: Gather all necessary documents to support your case. For example:

    • If the vehicle was stolen, provide a copy of the police report (FIR) and any other relevant documents.
    • If there are unpaid dues, ensure that all fines, taxes, or fees are paid, and obtain receipts or proof of payment.
    • If the vehicle was blacklisted due to compliance issues, make any necessary repairs or modifications to bring it into compliance with safety standards or regulations.
  • Contact Authorities: Reach out to the appropriate authorities responsible for managing the blacklist database. This could include local law enforcement agencies, the Regional Transport Office (RTO), or other government agencies.

  • Submit Request: Submit a formal request to have the vehicle removed from the blacklist. Provide all necessary documentation and information to support your request.

  • Follow Up: Follow up with the authorities to ensure that your request is being processed and to provide any additional information or clarification if needed.

  • Verification and Approval: Authorities will verify the information provided and assess whether the vehicle meets the criteria for removal from the blacklist. Once approved, the vehicle will be removed from the blacklist database.

  • Confirmation: Upon successful removal from the blacklist, you should receive confirmation from the authorities. Ensure that you have all necessary documentation to prove that the vehicle is no longer blacklisted.

It's essential to comply with all legal requirements and procedures when requesting the removal of a vehicle from the blacklist. Depending on the specific circumstances, the process and requirements may vary, so it's advisable to consult with the relevant authorities for guidance.

How to Check Vahan Blacklist status using plate no ?

Vahan Blacklist check

To check the blacklist status of a vehicle using its plate number in India, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Go to the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) or the respective State Transport Department's website. These websites often provide online services for vehicle-related inquiries.

  2. Access the Vahan Portal: Look for the section related to vehicle services or Vahan portal on the website. This portal is used for various vehicle-related services, including checking vehicle details and status.

  3. Enter Plate Number: Navigate to the section for checking the vehicle's status or details. You may find an option to enter the vehicle's registration number or plate number. Enter the plate number of the vehicle you want to check.

It's important to use official and reliable channels when checking the blacklist status of a vehicle to ensure accuracy and authenticity of the information provided.

How to check vehicle blacklist status ?

To check vehicle blacklist status online, you can follow the steps given below - 

Step 1:- Click on Click Here button to check blacklist status online.

vehicle Blacklist Check

Step 2:- Click on “Create Account” button to register a new login ID.

Car Blacklist Check

Step 3:- "Mobile No" Enter Mobile Number in this field.

Step 4:- "Email id" Enter Email Address in this field.

Step 5:- "Verification Code" Enter the captcha code in this field which you will get while viewing an image.

Step 6:- Click on "Generate OTP" button. After entering mobile number and email id, click on generate OTP button.

Step 7:- Verify OTP so that your mobile number will be registered and you will get it after login.

Vahan Blacklist Check Image 1
Step 8:- "Mobile Number" In this field enter the registered mobile number which you had registered through Create Account.

Step 9:- Enter your captcha code in "Verification Code". then click on Next Button.

Vahan Blacklist Check Image 2

Step 10:- "Password" enter the password in this field which was set by you at the time of creating your account.

Step 11:- Click on "Continue" button after entering the password.

Vahan Blacklist Check Image 3

Step 12:- "OTP" Enter OTP in this field and then click on Verify Button.

Vahan Blacklist Check Image 4

Step 13:- "Enter Vehicle Number" Enter your vehicle registration number in this field.

Step 14:- "Captcha Verification Code" Enter the captcha verification code which is in the image here.

Step 15:- Click on "Vahan Search" button. After entering vehicle number and captcha code.

Vahan Blacklist Check Image 5

Step 16:- If you see the error Fitness Expired in "Status" then it means that your vehicle has expired.

Step 17:- Just below "Not To Be Transacted Status" you will find a message written which is the reason for blacklisting as to why your vehicle was blacklisted.

Step 18:- Vehicle Blacklisted Reason : Vehicle is flagged as Not To Be Transacted (NTBT) by RANCHI, Jharkhand dau to reason Enforcement, VEHICLE CHECKING 30-04-2022, PUNDAG, SECTION 194,181,177,179,196,190(2),192,(A) 184,180 JMVT 28(1)(A) date 30-APR-2022

How can you check the reason of blacklisted vehicle from the vehicle's registration number. You can remove your vehicle from blacklisted from the related RTO office.